Marijke Bolt heeft een groep amateurkunstenaars begeleid met wortels in de Indiase cultuur. Bij het contact leggen met deze community van mensen in Almere is de organisatie geholpen door Deepa Kadam van het Indian Summer Festival. (Lees hierover onderaan op deze pagina)

Marijke Bolt begeleidt makers voor Flower Power Walk-expo
Marijke Bolt begeleidend kunstenaar voor makers FPW-expo met wortels in India

Marijke Bolt heeft de groep makers begeleid met hun wortels in India. Zij heeft haar eigen atelier in Literatuurwijk in Almere en is niet alleen beeldend kunstenaar. Zij geeft o.a. ook les aan volwassenen, kinderen en jongeren en organiseert beeldhouwvakanties, -feestjes en bedrijfsworkshops.
Marijke is last minute als begeleider aangehaakt bij de Flower Power Walk- expo. Niet alleen de Indiase makers, maar ook zij heeft genoten van het maak-traject. Meer info over Marijke Bolt.

Expression of celestial joy by an Indian classical dancer in elegant gorgeous costume amidst the vibe of pure nature with lotus (national flower of India) blooming  all around. Sky in its blue hue signifies absolute pure nature at its best resonating boundless joy that indeed can be eternal with our relentless endeavour towards sustainable development.


This is an Indian Folk Art called “Madhubani Painting”. In ancient time the village women used to make them together on community festivals and religious occasions on mudwalls, on floors or on the yards  Later from the last century, to make this form of art known or popular  people started making it on different mediums,  like on hand made papers, on clothes or on other surfaces. The theme of Madhubani painting usually remains on nature, festivities, mythology and on Gods – Goddesses. This particular painting depicts Radha-Krishna” swinging on floral swing in a garden. It is a scene of “Rasa Leela”( “Rasa” means aesthetic, “Leela” means act).

This is Kalpana and I’m Really very happy to be part of “Flower power walk” program. A very small explanation about my painting is that I have painted a flower basket. The base of the flower basket is very traditional entangled  form (sikku kolam) which means that life has many ups and downs complicated with entangles but we have to overcome all these mazes and bloom like the flowers with full brightness and fragrance.

Painting which showcase the ancient traditional marriage ceremony which normally takes place in a house located in Indian village. On this beautiful occasion  flowers are the center of attraction. Also it’s a symbol of happiness, peace, prosperity and blessings to begin new life for bride and groom.

Ananya: The occasion of the Durga-puja festival in India:
In Autumn India celebrates the Durga-puja festival, which is generally a 4-full-days festival in some states, like West Bengal. Durga, a mother, wife and daughter is worshiped as an idol with ten hands and three eyes symbolizing her divine power to protect the world from demons. In the evenings of these 4 days, many cultural events take place with the people of the surrounding areas. Here, women in traditional attire, wearing saree and flowers in their hair, are dancing with “Dhunochi” (an incense burner) as a part of ritual and happiness. The night-flowering jasmine flowers on the tree and white kans grasses blossom mainly in this season in India and spread happiness with their divine beauty.

Sanjay: Onam Celebrations

Under the initiative of Flower Power Walk, we are representing the Indian theme. Flowers are of great importance to us in India and have been a part of every activity be it festivals, religious and cultural activities. 
In this artwork, we are focussing on Onam celebrations. This takes place in the southern state of Kerala, India. It is a harvest festival and celebrated by every religion. One of the key activities in Onam is a floral decoration in the courtyard that every house has. In this artwork we have depicted the typical “flora ” that are common in the region around the house, also the house and the color combinations are pretty much native to Kerala. For the floral decoration we have tried to use punch needle, or needle punch. It is a special embroidery technique which uses a (hollow) punch needle to pierce thread or yarn through fabric. The remaining painting is a combination of acrylic and watercolors. It was a joy to participate in Flower Power walk with other members under the guidance of Marijke. Hope that we have done justice to the theme. 

Why Indian Summer Festival joined the Flower Power Walk-expo

The Indian Summer Festival is very active in the community and always looking for opportunities to work with other likeminded organization to give platform to various talents.  When MariannA approached us through the ISFA Facebook event, we were very happy to see the opportunity. We were quite impressed by the concept and the how it will be delivered. We also saw the passion that MariannA and Marcel brings to the project. Once we understood what is needed, we activated our network and reached out to the talent within the community. In no time we had our kick off meeting with the team and we are now on our way to deliver 6 different types of paintings, with different techniques that are used but connected with the floral theme under the guidance of Marijke.
We are eagerly waiting for the final outcomes and the inauguration part of the Flower Power Walk-expo.  Coincidently the inauguration of this project (9th July) is just a day before the Indian Summer Festival 3.0. This will help us to reach out to the wider audience and expect the festival visitors to also visit the Flower Power Walk-expo.

leden van Flower Power Walk-expo groep-roots in Indian countries
leden van Flower Power Walk-expo groep – roots in Indian countries

Indian Summer festival Almere aim is to “Demonstrate the authentic Indian culture, tradition & food to the people of the Netherlands” The festival is targeting every individual, young or old, from every ethnicity, cultural background and nationality. To encourage more people to come and enjoy the festivities, the festival is free entry.

Stichting Indian Summer Festival is a non profit making organization and our sole aim is to bring variety of cultural and social festivals to the general public of the Netherlands. Our aim is to bring people from different cultures and ethnicity together and demonstrate the Indian culture to them through our festival. In our festivals we want to give opportunity to local art schools, amateur performers, music groups, and other artists to perform or display their talents.

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